Folding Table

An interesting problem that came at just the right time. It took a week of work, and the end product has been in heavy use ever since. Years later it soldiers on with only minor alterations and a couple repairs under its belt. The story of a folding table!

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Interactive IFS Toy

I've finished the first stage of my research! I will write in detail about what I've learned in a future post but for now I would just like to share an interactive presentation I put together to explain the generative process for producing IFS images which is at the very heart of what I am doing.

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I can picture the rows of hedges, rolling hills, and oak trees back home - but whether such things really exist, I have begun to doubt. Just like the existence of this place of thick crowds, thick air, and everywhere tall dirty buildings seemed so unlikely when it was a question of imagination a few months ago.

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Creature of Habit

A brief update. An important work milestone and a vignette of how I spend my wild late nights in this vibrant, restless city - working in McDonalds.

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Blog posts

Research Plans

In this post I describe the work I'm doing while I'm here. The last one explained how I got here and, in doing so, described the project I proposed in order to secure the opportunity. If I was working on that same project, an entire additional post to explain what I'm up to would be a bit redundant, so naturally - that's not actually what I'm doing.

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Journey to HKU

For the next two months I am working in Hong Kong. While I'm here I think it would be helpful to document my time and the work I'm doing. So that those posts are not completely without context, I will take the next two posts to explain: First - Who I am and how I got here, and second - a proper exposition of the problem I will (at least initially) be working on while I'm here.

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