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Factor-finder App

See the patterns made by factors.

Enter a whole number: Fix grid


Some notes

- You can navigate to new numbers using the "ijkl" keys

- Clicking on the number 1 will factor a random number between 1 & 1024.

- The navigation keys won't work if you're clicked inside the text input box.

- It can handle big-ish numbers. It's happy with anything < 100,000 - after that it takes its time. If you try a number big enough to freeze up the page, don't worry, a refresh will sort everything out.

- hovering the mouse over a highlighted factor will light up the other factor that multiplies to make your input number.

- A complete list of prime factors and all factors is given in the display under the app.

- The default behaviour for a new input involves resizing the grid to fit the number better. Sometimes you'd rather the grid stayed the same size though, in which case you can toggle this feature with the "fix grid" button or by pressing f.

- There are a number of minor bugs (mostly edge cases involving incorectly updating factor highlights on mouseover events) They will be fixed when I work on the next itteration.

Check out a project of mine:

Factor Visualiser Project

An app that factors your input and displays the result on an interactive grid. Made with vanilla html, css & javascript.

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